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This is How We Do It

Five working groups were created to accommodate organizational approach for trans-disiplinary intelligence.
These groups will handle emerging collaboration and organize collective efforts in Disaster Risk Reduction.

Human Capital Development

Developing human capital (YYPs) competencies for DRR through SETI; both internal & external of

Innovation Room

Playground to explore the frontier of SETI for an advanced interdisciplinary & transdisciplinary research & experimentations of DRR

Advocacy and Outreach

Task group for enabling advocacy on science-based DRR policy at multiple levels through orchestrated networking, outreach, and resource mobilization

Knowledge Management
for Science Communication

Space for managing disaster-related data-information-knowledge as resources for producing science-based communications products, which translate scientific knowledge to improve resilience through SETI for DRR

SETI for Response and Recovery

Operational working space for utilization of SETI for an advanced disaster response & recovery to provide added values in augmenting government-led response.

Disruptive actions in mainstreaming youth involvement in processes, institutions and decisions for Disaster Risk Reduction at national and local level

We're on a mission to find local youth champions in the field of disaster risk reduction. 

Piloting Tsunami Ready – Lebak, Banten.

Piloting Tsunami Ready is a program that seeks to build resilient communities through awareness and preparedness strategies that will protect lives, livelihoods, and property from tsunamis in various regions.

This is achieved through a collaborative effort to meet the standard level of tsunami preparedness through meeting a set of predetermined indicators.

Flood Resilience Community – Baleendah, Bandung.

Following up from Shapefor Better Community Hackathon that we held in 2019, this program is a collaboration between our hackathon participants and local communities to build resilient and preparedness through low-cost technology.

Our effort to fight COVID-19

U-INSPIRE Indonesia is part of the Social Panel Team for Disasters which consists of researchers from different institutions. Starting in March 2020, with the urgency to provide evidence-based policy on COVID-19,the team conducted rapid assessment through online questionnaires and phone interviews on four themes which represent the major issues that need to be addressed immediately.
The issues are; information transparency, Area quarantine, Mobility, and Impact of Large Scale Social Distancing on Resilience.

U-INSPIREIndonesia is involved in the initiation of together with Koalisi Warga untuk LaporCOVID-19 (Citizen Coalition for COVID-19 Reporting). The coalition was formed by a group of individuals who had concern in human rights and health issues in regards to COVID-19 pandemic.

U-INSPIRE Indonesia co-developed a guide for Tsunami evacuation during COVID-19 with collaborators. Local tsunami can arrive in coastline areas in minutes, and it can happen anytime even during COVID-19 Crisis. The guide helps avoid confusion as COVID-19 requires people to stay at home, while tsunami requires people to immediately evacuate.


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